The simple home is about keeping things plain and useful -- it is a chance to get back to basis, to consider ideals of good design and the forgotten traditions of craftsmanship and then think how thy can be adapted to a more modern furniture. This way of living feels refreshing in a time when things seem to have a tendency to get over-complicated.


W2 wood x work starting brand from Taiwan (2011).  


wood x work hope to use unique Taiwan Hinoki (Cypress) wood design and local  processing to production.

The temperature and humidity changes the wood will affect both, so we only use dry wood to make furniture. 

Millenniun Taiwan Hinoki. It takes years of growth time special wood texture and color ReThink the production of wooden furniture colser to life wood with iron. 

W2 wood x work 使用台灣檜木舊料製作傢俱





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Contact : 張小姐

TEL: +886-2--27373350

FAX: +886-2-27375535

Opening hours:週二~週日 上午 11:00 - 晚上7:00


1F No1 Aly 22 Ln 157,Sec 3,Xinhai Rd., Da'an Dist, Taipei 106 Taiwan (R.O.C)